Welcome to Cognitive Hypnosis Academy – the home of Positive Psychology Hypnosis.  We’ve got a suite of excellent training courses that deliver results.  Because our approach is relentlessly practical, we promise that when you are finished learning with us, you will have tangible skills, and the depth and scope of training necessary to help your clients to achieve their goals.

Our 3 Certificates in 1 Diploma Course

We offer a three certicates-in-one Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma. 1.  Certificate in Authentic Hypnotherapy. 2. Certificate in Therapeutic Hypnotherapy (7 days) and finally Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (7 days) = Practitioners Diploma in Dynamic Hypnotherapy.  Fully assessed and validated by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

Post Graduate Diploma in Positive Psychology Coaching

Scant attention was paid to helping clients reach optimum levels of wellbeing and happiness.  Our Post Graduate Positive Psychology Coaching course allows the progressive therapist to meet the demands of the next generation of clients who want to live a more authentic and engaged life.

Short Courses in Complimentary Therapy

We run a suite of one day workshops on a variety of topics to give people the opportunity to explore topics in greater detail.  Our most popular one is Willpower 101.  Willpower challenges are the hallmark of most challenges clients present. Learn key techniques to master this cognitive process and challenges will become much easier to manage and overcome.

Just Add YOU!

With so many schools to choose from, making the right decision can be difficult.  Here at Cognitive Hypnosis Academy we give you our undivided attention.  We roll our sleeves up from day one and teach through demonstration.  We make sure you don’t just understand how to do it, we make sure you can do it.  So when you finish every course, you will have mastered key skills  without needing to reading scripts or revise notes.



Featured Lecturer

Susan Wallace

Susan Wallace is a teaching hypnotherapist with 17 years of clinical experience helping clients achieve their goals.  She is also a Golf Psychology Coach and runs a busy private practice in hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching.  Susan had this to say about training new hypnotherapists- "Every year I watch my students start their training nervous and uncertain. I watch their confidence soar as they learn the techniques of hypnotherapy. It gives me great pleasure to observe them graduate as powerful communicators with the skills and knowledge to turn set-backs into opportunities, challenges into achievements and dreams into goals."


hypnotherapy courses
Hypnotherapy Training in St Albans.  An absolutely superb hypnotherapy diploma course. The whole experience has been nothing but positive and worth every penny. Not only have I learnt a whole new way of working as a therapist, I have also experienced immense personal change as a direct result of the hypnosis I received during the course. Susan delivers the course superbly and demonstrates professionalism based on many years’ experience, with a passion and enthusiasm second to none!”  Pam’s counselling page is here.
Pam Hourihan
Cognitive Hypnosis Academy
Susan Wallace’s hypnotherapy diploma course in St Albans was extremely well structured and run in a fully professional manner.  Susan’s experience is robust and her teaching method was both thorough and approachable.  She was able to explain complex concepts succinctly and had students hypnotising each other already on the second day of the course.  By the end of the course we were ready to be dealing with hypnotherapy clients for a variety of issues.  Susan’s instruction on the business end of being a hypnotherapist was also invaluable.  I found this course to be absolutely fantastic, and I’m thrilled to be practising hypnotherapy on clients as a result.
Erich Schultz